Kuya Paul..

After the settlement meeting last night with my girls, coz we ended up quite late, we decided to eat in a fastfood chain.

When we entered the premise, I noticed a man eating with lots of used utensils on his table. I felt bad for him because no one among the crews initiated to fix his messy table. I proceeded at the counter and order our food and forgot about the man.

As we were eating, my two girls were sitting on the side where they could clearly see the eating manner of the man whom I am talking about. They told me how stressful he eats, I looked back and observed too. Try to imagine whats’s on his table: 6 plates, 8 glasses of either water or sofdrinks because some of them were empty, sachets of catsup and lemons. I can feel the stress and so my girls. Upon observing, approximately he could eat another round of spoonfull after 5 minutes. He kept on grinding the chicken and I do not what’s his segregating. Not really normal. 😦

We decided to ask the crew near us about the messy table of the man and why he’s eating such style. The crew said that he is a regular customer and he normally eats for five hours, starts at 5:00pm, ended at 10:00pm. Our eyes blurted when we heard it. O_O

Again, we observed him and everyone got the message to pray for him. Oh! Obedience time again…Yes, at 10:00pm, he’s done and so we were. He went out and we immediately carried our feet and followed him. We paused for a moment when we reached the exit. Wahahaha. Mixed emotions, fear and whatever feelings were arising but the enemy’s failed. We were able to go to the man. I greeted him first, he was shocked, we told him that we do not have any intention to solicit or something, we said that we were asked by the Lord to pray for him and reminded him that he is loved by the Heavenly Father. We introduced our names one by one and asked for his name, he said Paul. He was like teary-eyed, very unexpected coz he is a big guy, like late on his 40s. After praying, hugged him and waved goodbye.

While walking, we were amazed by what had happened. But one of my girls said that she has more to say to Kuya Paul. God said to her that Kuya Paul is a broken family and he needs love and care. The Holy Spirit convicted us, we went back and told him that there is more that God wants to tell him, love and care. He said, “yes, my family is broken.” Then, we’re shocked, on my mind – God you are amazing!

He opened up. He admitted that he was depressed after his unfortunate relationship which resulted him to have a behavioral disorder for 5 years already. Even finding for a good jeepney to ride is very difficult for him that would take him hours to wait. His eating habbit is also an effect of his struggle, he admits. He said, he’s a loner and difficult for to find friends. He has no phone, because it is useless for him to keep contacts. He is living alone. We talked to him, most of the time we listened and lasted for almost 2 hours. His face is obviously full of pain and he thinks no other thing that he can normally do aside from eating. He believed in God before, but after the broken relationship that he had there he stopped praying. He is literally doing a difficult lifestyle. Nobody is living with him, no phone, no friends and even the most important Man that could come with him, he has none.

My heart cries so hard for Kuya Paul.


Sleepy Head…

Hello there! I was with my friend yesterday til dawn,  no wonder I am very sleepy.

While spending time with her for almost 24 hours, I have availed a big time learning not just a joyride. That is: To TRUST the LORD with all your heart and forget the personal strength that you have, coz in the end, it will just end up like a crap.

I believe everyone has struggles; has different concerns and endeavors to make. Those are the spices of life which make it full of flavor. On the other hand, all we need to do for a friend is to only listen without even speaking. That is what they call a cheerer. Cheering her up while her personal battle is so hot. That is the only way to be a help unless she’ll ask for a back up. It is not about having no initiative to help, but it is about the benefit of asking for help.

I have learned something last night that somehow changed a bit of my perspective. 🙂

A joyride.

My Perfect Lover

Your Love is Real.
There is none like You.
You have formed me.
You have made me alive.
You took away my sins.
You made me brand new.
You washed me like a very white cloth, free of stain.
You have known me, even before.
You have caught me and gave me rest.
You have freed me.
You are my Lover.
You have kept my heart.
You have preserved me.
You made me stronger, every day.
You are my perfect match.
My one and only ever faithful fan.
My Daddy. ❤

The Unconscious MOTIVE Meets the Spirit

Hello there!  I have a new friend, just knew this a week ago, and it has given me a great deal! 🙂

Let me introduce to you..tararan! …UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVE.

It taught me something that I would really carry for the rest of my existence. Sureness! 🙂

Unconscious motive shows up every time; every moment of our life, we just can’t notice it’s existence. Especially when we try to correct a person and.. boom! …correcting failed. 😦

Basically, the reason of correcting someone is because of LOVE. But, is it really love? Let’s spare some time of examining our motives. What do they’re airing out? The conscious motive shouts, “I LOVE THAT PERSON and I don’t what him to go astray. He needs to be disciplined. I must lead him to the right path. He must go on the right way, I know! He must listen.” and what about the unconscious one?

Try to check………………………….123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930………………………

Perhaps, the unconscious motive whispers, “Because I personally don’t like what he is doing. I get irritated. I cannot understand him. I am hating him more.”

Ouch! The reason of disconnection. 😦

Our motives should be pure as God wants us to become. That is why the person who needs correction will not be resilient enough to receive a character formation tool- correction. Often times, we end up with SELFISHNESS, our reason is very personal and somehow blinds us. REAL LOVE must be turned over to the one who needs it.

I highly believe that a piece of correction is a handful of blessings. Not only to the recipient but also to the doer. But a blessing will not be a blessing if it is not given appropriately.

A doer is a spirit, all of us has spirits, and so the recipient. A healthy heart carries a healthy spirit. A healthy motive carries a healthy heart.

YOU are loved.


A Light…

There is this light that you are holding.

I entrusted you this light.

It is you who will handle it coz I trust you.

Your love is real.

There is this light.

A true light.

A very good light.

A light that reaches many people.

You are the light.

The lime light – ME! 

You are a holder of lights.

The light that will never shut down.

A light that shines.

A light that encourages.

A light that cares.

A light that leads.

A light that knows what to do.

A light that invades darkness.

A light that never fails.

A light that loves.

A light that comes out from LOVE.

I love you my light,

Daddy ❤

I’m excited!

Its awkward for me to write such stuff..

But my heart is pounding fast, signifies excitement for what I don’t exactly know, actually since last night.

A conversation with Daddy before I rested last night went different, I acted like a lady not a spoiled baby girl… curious about how HE keeps my other half as of the moment. ahahaha.. Though I have this strong faith that God, my great Dad, has formed my love story and I know it is well done but last night goes into another level of specification about his present condition. Is he also thinking about me? 🙂 I am curious if he is also doing such preparations before our paths cross? ahahaha.. that made me more excited. 🙂

As of now..

My best attitude to do is to WAIT. 🙂

I have to understand and get myself reminded again that GOD, the Great DADDY, knows what’s BEST. :))

My heart is still hidden. Kept in HIS heart.

I wanna float! 🙂

InLOVE by HIS Love.


Why do you work?

I intend to understand before, since I was young, that I need to finish my studies and land in a good paying job. That was my mindset. My goal is to earn…yet I missed the vital point.

Now, my perspective’s reset.


Yes! There’s a huge difference. Right?

Acquiring means putting yourself a limit. It’s like you are bounded in a  certain point of just having a satisfying salary so that you’ll be able to meet your upgrading cash flow. Or it could also be meeting targets to acquire incentives or bonuses to be used for some specific purposes. In a straight way, being COMPENSATED; being paid off in a tangible form.

Yet, there is this thin line in the middle of working and earning… that is BECOMING. 🙂 Don’t you notice as you go home everyday from your work place, you’re changed?

Little by little, every day in our workplace we are learning, not only about our job description but as well as values, relationship, life realizations and so on. Everyday we are becoming better and stronger. Ready to fight!

How much do you value your work?

What is its cost in your life?

You are being placed there for a purpose not just to earn. 🙂

LEARNING is more valuable than money.

Keep working, be a BLESSING! You’re an asset!

Aja! 🙂

Who’s the closest person in your life right now? (…as the interview goes on.)

During my interview on my new work, I was asked by the interviewee.. “Who’s the closest person in your life right now?”

I immediately answered without hesitation to the one who’s asking, “It’s God, ma’am.”, with a deep breath and a smile.

She stared at me for a moment, smiled back and said, “Yes, I know..but what I mean is a real person.. a human.. who knows almost everything about you and your whereabouts. Do you have one?”

As I was digesting her question, I pause and think of that human.. and slowly I answered with a delight as I’d made up my thought.. “My best friend, yes my best friend ma’am.”

On that day on, I got a clarification from myself that having a best friend is not an agreement. It’s like I don’t have to make an arrangement to the person, who knows almost everything about me.

It is you who will define him/her in your life, not his/her confirmation or response.

Do you have a best friend?

How do you know that you got such a friend? :))


In a friendship, it is not enough to be accepted but the most important is to be filled with the real Love that only Christ can give. A love that is selfless. 🙂

Anyways, my best friend is not just updated with my good times as well as bad times, it is part of the package. A helper during my difficulties. A buddy who is willing to be with me even if I’m talking non sense stuffs. The one who disciplines me and would never hesitate to correct during my erroneous moments. A person being used by God to come with me in my on going quest.

I am blessed for being part of this person’s journey. I grow and formed every time this buddy intervenes my life. ❤

Take note:

A best friend may not know that he/she is a best friend. It does not matter. You are not soliciting for attention either.  🙂 bless u!

Opportunity Strikes in Every Calamity

The only variation of embracing a situation is the battle of perspective. The greatest factor is the character, of course.

Opportunity is a set of constructive ideas that allows a person to grow or somehow extract a stuff that could benefit others and gives him a room to excel.

In connection to the situation of the Filipinos living in the National Capital Region (NCR) and to nearby provinces, there is this one picture that amazes me and drives me to post it here on my page.


I got a great lesson while watching this photo, it crushed me inside. I got a “life must go on..” factor. Seeing these people continuing their life behind the unfavorable circumstances that is truly happening in their place. They make me proud.

Indeed, Filipinos have the BIG HOPE DNA. The character that gives us identity. No matter how tragic a situation may be, yet the heart to press on is dominating. T_T

There is always a rainbow after the rain…

Hooray Pinoy! Aja!

A Big Time Lesson for Every Filipino (Life Must Go On…)

The situation in  the National Capital Region (NCR) and to nearby provinces affects every Filipino, even the whole world. The notion to this case is a matter of a family affair. This is not just a concern of the administration and those who are affected. This is everyone’s responsibility. I think that is the nature of a family.

Some may not be able to help in a tangible form like sending donations, doing community services and many more yet that does not mean that we are not able to help.

We can do something, I know! Our present location is not the basis of being involved in this situation, but our spirit. That is how a family connects with each other. 

Let us altogether pray. Let us claim our authority over the heavy rain and the harsh flood. There is more to come for every Pinoy. I believe God is doing something, no one knows. Claim the promise, cling to it. We must not forget our identity.

Life must go on… there is more to it. 

Our petty sincere prayer reaches HIS heart.